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Southern Oklahoma's Premier Escape Rooms Experience

  We are Oklahoma's premier escape room experience! We offer three thrilling 60 minute full scale rooms, two challenging 30 minute competition rooms, and a spacious event center to accommodate large groups and parties.

What is an Escape Room? 

  An escape room is a new live interactive game sweeping the nation! Where you and your friends will be immersed in a unique room for 60 minutes, given a mission, and forced to flex your brain to find clues, solve puzzles and work together to escape the room before time runs out. Can you escape?


Wednesday-Friday - 5-10

Saturday - 12-10

Private group events can be arranged for any time of the week. Contact us here to see details.


Axe Throwing Room

 Experience your inner Lumberjack bursting out from start to finish with our Axe Throwing experience. You will be taught proper Axe throwing techniques so everyone can enjoy this heart pounding stress relieving activity. Also, you will be  given 2 lanes to throw on, a dart board, and table games to enjoy.
No outside food or drinks, ages 18+, will make exceptions for 16 and 17 year olds with a parent's in-person signature. No open toe shoes. Intoxicated persons will be asked to leave and not participate. 


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Our Rooms

Ward 42

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  The team of players has been captured and imprisoned in a mobile holding facility (a train).  They are just beginning to realize they are about to be taken to some government “black” site. To compound their troubles, whispers of medical experiments begin to reach them.  Fortunately for the players, one guard is new to working with this “black ops” Mobile Prison Lab. Once he realized the kind of people he is working for he decides to help as best he can. The guard has arranged for a delay in departure. He was able to keep the train personnel from departing for the next 60 minutes. He hopes it will be enough time for the players to save themselves and escape. There is another problem…the players have already been exposed to a dangerous mutagen. It may have no effect on them or it could turn them into monsters. Will the players accept their doom or attempt to escape? Death or worse looms behind every decision.

Difficulty: Hard

Country Club Heist

Ardmore ok

The world’s most aerodynamic Golf ball, the gauge to judge all other Golf balls, has finally been removed from it’s vault at the PGA headquarters for an exclusive showing at a Ardmore Country Club. This is a perfect time to steal it! Your team of highly skilled thieves has been hired for the job. You arranged for a private viewing of the “Ball”, cased the country club, and hired a tech nerd to take control of the surveillance system. Hopefully you are ready. There will be only 30 minutes before the security hack is discovered and you lose your chance to make the grab.  You planned the way in and the way out. But, did you plan on running out of time…

Difficulty: Medium

0 Dark 30

escape Ardmore ok

Finally, after months of training and grueling preparation that involved seven different bureaus & agencies we bagged our target! The world will now be a better place…..Just one problem….. Now we have to make it out alive to enjoy it.  After completing our objective our EVAC got shot down. Now plan B…… We have 60 minutes to find a radio and call for extraction before a security sweep picks us all up. There is a local office building set up by the CIA for just this occasion.   Can we get to the radio in time? How will we authenticate our team?

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Crime Scene

The best

This is a 30 minute head to head challenge Escape Room Adventure. Two groups of up to 6 people (up to 12 total). Either come as a group and challenge each other or go up against new friends. This room can also be done stand alone if your group wants to get a taste of what an escape room is like.  Your CSI team is being called in to process a murder. We have several suspects in custody but who is the real criminal? There is only 30 minutes left before time runs out and we have to release them all. Can you work through the clues and gather enough evidence to make a case before a murderer is released onto the streets?

Difficulty: Beginner

Group Bookings

The Ultimate Team Building Challenge in Southern Oklahoma   Want to create shared experiences that will transport your team, family, or group outside of their comfort zone? If so, Urban Escape Rooms is the venue for groups such as:     










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