Planning Your Date Night

Date Night In Ardmore Just Got Better!

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With Urban Escape’s Convenient location on the corner of South Commerce and Broadway, you can plan a whole date night around your experience with us! Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant, bond with one of our experiences, and finish the night with dessert or drinks at a quaint spot! Escape to fun with Urban Escape — your perfect date awaits!

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Choose Your Own Date Adventure

One of the fantastic aspects of planning a date night at Urban Escape is the ability to personalize your experience to suit you and your partner's preferences.

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Escape Room Excitement

If you and your partner love brain-teasers and teamwork, an escape room is the perfect choice. As you work together to crack codes and discover hidden clues, you'll build trust and create lasting memories.

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Axe Throwing Fun

For couples who enjoy a bit of friendly competition and physical activity, axe throwing is an exciting option. Test your precision and aim as you compete in a series of axe-throwing challenges.

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Paint Splatter Room

Unleash your inner artist and let your creativity flow as you throw, splatter, and drip paint onto canvases, walls, or even each other! This unconventional date activity allows you to create a unique masterpiece together, all while having a blast.

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Local Restaurants for Every Palate

No date night is complete without a delicious meal to savor. At Urban Escape, we love supporting our fellow local businesses. Ardmore boasts a variety of locally-owned restaurants that can cater to every culinary craving. Try out these local favorites!

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  • The Dew Drop Inn

  • Mill Street Tavern

  • Mariscos Sidelinez Sports Grill

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  • Dairy Queen

  • Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store

  • Eileen's Colossal Cookies

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Local Boutiques for Your Perfect Outfit

A memorable date night calls for the perfect outfit. Ardmore's local boutiques can help you find the ideal attire to make you both feel and look fantastic. Check out The Stag, The Rage or Threads Clothing Co. to find your perfect date night outfit.

When planning a date night, supporting local businesses not only adds charm and uniqueness to your experience but also helps the community thrive. So, why not create a memorable night by exploring the adventure and culture right in your backyard? Make your plans, support local businesses, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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